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HVL supports Brainport Deurne Technology Centre

Together with 10 other manufacturing companies in de Peel, ROC ter AA and Brainport Industries College, we have taken the initiative to set up Techniekcentrum Brainport, a technical training centre in Deurne. Here, students can take a new technical MBO course that is more in line with day-to-day practice at companies in the metal sector. We found that this training was sorely needed. The current state of the art requires completely different professionals than those who are trained in most places today. With Techniekcentrum Brainport , we close the gap between theory and practice.

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Instructions HVL Metaal & Techniek
Sheet metal

Future-oriented training

Train people well today so they can work for us in the future. That's the idea behind this concept. Especially in a time when fewer young people are opting for technology, the quality of graduates simply has to be good. And preferably even a little better.

At HVL we want to motivate young people and give them a new and surprisingly positive insight into our company. Because the metal industry is not all about getting your hands dirty and physically demanding work. At least, not at HVL. We’re breaking with these conventional ideas through tech events, our participation in the Dutch Technology Week and other initiatives. It's our way of showing them what technology means at HVL.



HVL likes to share knowledge with customers, schools and even others in the metal industry. The metal sector today offers clean, interesting and challenging work. That is the message we want to convey.

Primary education
In order to introduce young people to the metal sector, we have developed a fun and interactive programme with a number of other companies for children in primary school from the age of around nine.
Together they build a simple model of a truck:

  1. In the classroom they watch a video about working in the metal industry
  2. They visit one of the participating companies in groups
  3. There they can see a demonstration and get to build a part of the truck
  4. Back at school, the class assembles the various parts together into a truck

This workshop will be extended to secondary school students.

Training HVL Metaal & Techniek

Fontys University of Applied Sciences
HVL shares knowledge in the broadest sense of the word with students at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. In workshops for Logistics, Automotive and Mechanical Engineering students, we show how the process flows from order through to delivery. The emphasis is on practical knowledge. They get acquainted with the various techniques and see how they are applied. We zoom in on subjects that have their special interest.

In these workshops, trainee engineers/project leaders learn about the consequences of decisions they take at the start of the process. This is important in order to ensure that the design and execution are properly aligned.

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Students of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences and of the ROC ter AA in Helmond and Eindhoven can do their graduation traineeship at HVL. As a graduation project, they help to think about the best possible design of certain processes.

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We are an accredited training company for the practical training courses BBL and BOL. In these courses, level 2 or 3 students gain practical experience with us four days a week and go to school one day a week. Our practical trainer is certified to take exams.