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HVL pushes boundaries
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Your external R&D department

HVL has had its own dedicated Projects department since 2018. Here, a team of engineers designs, develops and builds solutions for the optimisation of our customers' business processes. Think of them as your own R&D department. Or as an addition to your own engineering team.

Our Projects department works closely with our Metalworking department and a selection of specialised partner companies. Together they are ready to take on any challenge. Even if a sector is still uncharted territory. Or if no one has ever examined a similar problem before. Someone has to be the first. Often times, that's us.


We always think alongside and to the benefit of our customers. When asked, but especially also when unasked. That's our basic attitude.
- Hans Vervoordeldonk, founder of HVL -

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Can it be done smarter?

Expect that question when you're sitting at the table with an engineer from HVL. You have an idea, a design or maybe nothing at all yet. Based on your specifications we could simply make a cost estimate without asking any further questions. But we won't. We want to know more, first. Always.

What's that machine for? And do you actually need it? What happens before and after that specific procedure in the production process?

With questions like that, we want to have a better understanding of the bigger picture. Once that's clear, we can help you think about how things can be done better, cheaper or faster for you.

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Nine times out of ten, that's the conclusion of our engineers. If we firmly believe that something can be done smarter, we'll convince you of that. We go a long way in this, because we want you to benefit from the improvements we can implement in your business process.

Simple example: we can produce several separate parts for you. We can also go further, install the parts and deliver them as a semi-finished product. That makes the process a lot more efficient for you and for us.