filling line

HVL pushes boundaries

Fully automated filling line for ADR and non-ADR liquids

Vendrig Liquid Solutions from Someren specialises in the transport of liquids for the agricultural and pharmaceutical markets. It does this for both hazardous (ADR) and non-hazardous substances and goods (non-ADR). The range of services on offer goes beyond transport. Vendrig Liquid Solutions is also the partner for storage and transshipment, mixing, packaging and filling. At HVL, we developed and built a fully automated filling line for Vendrig Liquid Solutions for filling a large variety of liquids.

The filling line is explosion proof (ATEX certified) and is used by Vendrig Liquid Solutions to convert bulk products into smaller packaging such as drums, cans and IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers). But of course the opposite is also possible.

The filling line is explosion proof (ATEX-certified)

The filling line is equipped with optics. With the aid of a camera, the machine can see which packaging is underneath and the filling opening can be easily detected. There are no human hands involved in the procedure. In combination with the connected transport system, this filling line is capable of filling palletised packaging from 60 to 1500 kg. Filling is possible for bottles from 250 ml up to 1500 kg IBCs and any package in between.

The CIP skid, developed by us, is also part of this filling line and takes care of the automatic cleaning of the process installation.