Clean in Place (CIP) skid for cleaning the filling line

of filling line 

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Clean in Place (CIP) skid for cleaning the filling line

Process installations such as the filling line of Vendrig Transport in Someren need to be cleaned internally from time to time. This is done automatically according to the Clean in Place (CIP) principle, without opening or disassembly of the system.

We were responsible for the design and construction of a so-called CIP skid that 'regulates' this cleaning process.

The CIP skid is designed and built completely in-house by our engineers, including insulated tank and all piping, fittings and pumps. The skid can be connected directly to a food-grade production line for internal cleaning of the piping and the intermediate storage tanks.

The skid is controlled by external machines and is connected to and aligned with the production schedules. This ensures efficient cleaning of the filling line at all times.