9 graduates at HVL!

Proud! HVL has 9 graduates


At HVL, we find training and professional development incredibly important. Train people well today so they can work for us in the future. That's the idea behind this concept. Especially in a time when fewer young people are opting for technology, the quality of graduates simply has to be good. And preferably even a little bit better.

We are very proud that we have no less than 9 graduates at HVL. Well done everyone!

Photo from left to right:

  • Jurre van de Mortel - All-round structural worker (level 3)
  • Thijs Broekmans - VTW2 Visual welding inspector
  • Stef Swinkels - 1st mechanic Mechatronics (level 3)
  • Lars Hermkens - Machining operator (level 2)
  • Jeffrey Leenen - Structural bench fitter (level 3)
  • Hugo Fransen - Middle Management Engineering (technician) (level 4)

Not on the photo, but also graduated:

  • Kees van Teeffelen - Technician (level. 4)
  • Stef van Oss - Business management SMEs
  • Iris Vervoordeldonk - Alfrink College (MAVO)