Sheet metalworking
HVL pushes boundaries

A cut above the rest in every facet

We master all the processes required to deliver perfect sheet metal work in steel, stainless steel or aluminium down to the smallest detail. Or better still: our experienced and technically skilled employees are able to master the process. They understand the trade of metalworking like no other. Laser cutting, bending, mechanical deburring, punching, cutting and rolling are the operations that they do for you with precision and personal attention.

We use CADMAN-B software to create the most accurate results. When importing a 3D CAD package, the flat-pattern is calculated automatically and the correct tooling is taken into account. The form or bending allowance and the internal radius for each combination of material and tool is stored in an intelligent database. Based on this, a 2D DXF file is created. The optimum bending sequence, the required tool, the tool layout and the position of the rear stops are then calculated. In short: the entire work preparation is designed to be as automated as possible. At the end of the cycle there is a collision detection and a 3D virtual production, based on the real machine. This is called a digital twin.

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